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C2C Program

SWE has recently started offering a new membership program called “Collegiate-to-Career” Membership.  For only $50, this membership covers your remaining collegiate years (includes grad/med school) and one year of professional membership.  This is potentially 8 years of membership (a $160 value) for only $50, so it is a great deal!!! Also, if you are a freshmen/first year transfer student, the WIEP will pay $20 towards your C2C membership (you will have to pay only $30). Please contact Heidi Cressman (ASEC 201) if you would like the WIEP to contribute to your C2C membership.

Please visit the link below for more information on the C2C membership program.

Freshmen or 1st Year Transfer Students:

SWE Membership for freshman or 1st year transfer is FREE (paid for by WIEP)!! Freshmen and 1st year transfer students-submit hard copy application form to Heidi Cressman (ASEC 201). See the link below for an application.


Submit application forms or renew online (see link below). Membership is $20 per year for collegiates.

Both hard copy application and online application are available here:

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